Hidden History

The Thom Hartmann Hidden History Series


Reviews for The Hidden History of American Democracy

"As we enter the 2024 general election cycle, many of us are seeking things we can do to make a difference. A good way to start is to read The Hidden History of American Democracy: Rediscovering Humanity’s Ancient Way of Living and share it with your friends."
Blog for Iowa

Reviews for The Hidden History of of Neoliberalism

"Like all the books in the Hidden History series, The Hidden History of Neoliberalism is a great weekend read with depth of thought hard to find on television or radio...Hartmann is essential progressive reading.”
Blog for Iowa 

"Critically important, thoughtful and thought-provoking”
Midwest Book Review 

Reviews for The Hidden History of Big Brother in America

"A particularly timely contribution to our national conversation and concerns about privacy in an internet and social media world, "The Hidden History of Big Brother in America: How the Death of Privacy and the Rise of Surveillance Threaten Us and Our Democracy" is a vitally important read for anyone with concerns over the erosion of democratic norms that have been the bulwark defense of the individual against abuses by the state (and now, the national and international corporations).”
— Midwest Book Review

"Are we doomed to live under Big Brother’s watchful eye? How much social and political control should corporations have in society? How much Big Brother will modern people tolerate? For discussion of answers to these timely questions and more, I recommend the Hidden History of Big Brother in America."
Bleeding Heartland

Reviews for The Hidden History of American Healthcare

“Hartmann's take on our health care debacle is informative, fascinating, and hopefully useful.”
— Booklist

“The Hidden History of American Healthcare is a fierce indictment of America's for-profit healthcare system, which has evolved to extract as much money as it can out of sick people and let them die if they can't pay...highly recommended.”
— Midwest Book Review

“[The Hidden History of American Healthcare] it renders a complicated process to bare essentials with concrete proposals for action to fix the healthcare system. I highly recommend the book."
Blog for Iowa

Reviews for The Hidden History of Monopolies

"Like his other Hidden History books, this one is a quick but important read for people who want or need to review the history and origins of today’s concerted, well-organized campaign by corporations to control commerce, government, and thereby our lives...Highly recommend."
― Blog for Iowa

"A timely critique of our contemporary corporate dominated economy, "The Hidden History of Monopolies: How Big Business Destroyed the American Dream" is an especially and unreservedly recommended contribution to our on-going national dialogue as we seek to recover from our current economic distress imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic."
― Midwest Book Review

Reviews for The Hidden History of the War on Voting

"Hartmann’s history of voter suppression in America is necessary information given current news about voter registration purges and redistricting...a particularly timely topic for an election year, and anyone who is seriously concerned about the survival of American democracy will want to read this book and apply its lessons." 

"What’s important about this book is it retells the story of voting in America from an actionable perspective. It is easy to read and understand with a focus on how to increase voter participation, eliminate political gerrymandering, end “voter caging,” and more."
Blog for Iowa

"The War Against Voting is a brilliant example of investigative history. Hartmann casts light on many little-known episodes in the American past."
Mal WarwickMal Warwick's Blog on Books

“A pithy review of the United States’ disconcertingly uneven approach toward voter eligibility and access...This little book demands your engagement."
Coast Weekend

Reviews for The Hidden History of the Supreme Court and the Betrayal of America 

"Hartmann delivers a full-throated indictment of the U.S. Supreme Court in this punchy polemic."
—Publishers Weekly

“No matter where you sit in the political spectrum you may find this short book an interesting read. I enjoyed it.”

Reviews for The Hidden History of Guns and the Second Amendment 

"A brief but powerful analysis of a searing national crisis.”

Reviews for The Hidden History of the American Oligarchy

“A quick but important read for people who are engaged in progressive politics and seek a change from the power of moneyed interests and concentration of wealth among the richest Americans. The Hidden History of American Oligarchy is a must read."
Blog for Iowa